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How Much Note Education Is Enough?

I’m a huge fan of formal education as well as learning by doing. As someone who likes to gain as much knowledge on a subject as I can, accessing real formal education in the note space has been expensive. Everyone says, just go on YouTube, read this book, read that book, go to meetups, etc. I mentioned in a previous article that I am a federal Contracting Officer and retired Navy sailor. Education is deeply ingrained in me naturally.

During my 20 years in the Navy, I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees …in Education (how ironic). I thought I wanted to go into the education field after retirement, so I was a teacher briefly. Because I was educating, training and mentoring sailors anyway, this was something that I was good at, and it would certainly transfer into civilian life. While I cherished my time molding little minds and positively impacting those special children, it was just not my passion.

I shortly returned to government service, back to the comfort of what I had done over the previous 20 years in the military. But wait... as a civilian servant, I had to go back to school and get even more education and certifications! My two degrees in Education and my military service was not enough. No problem, I went through two more years of certifications, courses and training to earn a second graduate degree in Public Administration and Contract Management. Done. Nope, as a Contracting professional I must maintain certification in the acquisition field by taking continuing learning courses throughout the year.

This leads me back to notes education, the topic at hand. After I decided to go hard into notes, I invested in a training workshop on first position notes in California! Oh, but then after reading and learning more, I found out that there were a lot of other sub areas in the note space that I needed to get smart on. I started buying more books, obsessing on YouTube, Facebook groups, webinars, podcasts, RE sites, going to more meetup groups, expos and reaching out to everyone I could.

I didn’t have the shiny ball syndrome of losing focus on notes; I don’t even have analysis paralysis as many call it, instead, I had the (I need to find every book, blog, training, webinar, meetup and workshop ever invented) syndrome. After my initial notes workshop, I found a workshop in my local area on second position notes. Found another training online for second position notes. Oh wait, but now I must raise capital! You guessed it; I joined a training course on raising capital. I don’t never regret investing in myself and my quest to educate myself. I’m sure I will continue, as I am a lifelong learner. This education will only serve my business growth and my clients bottom line when investing with me. So, for now, I’m on to my next obsession, learning by doing and acting!

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